Child's - white or black - £10

Adults (M, L, XL) - white or black - £12.50



A4 Size - £7

A3 Size - £14



Scented Coloured Tinned - £5 (or 3 for £12)

Glass (Rose, Cinnamon, Thyme or Lavender) - £12


Auction Items

Childrens T-shirt (White)

Childrens T-shirt (Black)

Mens T-shirt (White)

Mens T-shirt (Black)




Make a Purchase or Donation

If you would like to purchase an item or pay for an auction item please use the donate button below to pay via Paypal and follow these steps:

1. Enter the amount for the item you would like, as per the price list above,

2. Click on the drop down menu and select the item you would like. (If you are making a donation you can skip this!),

3. Click on donate and you will be asked to log in/sign up if you aren't already,

4. Once logged in you will come to a second page with a text box ('Add a note') where you can enter any specifics (i.e. the size of t-shirt or the scent of the candle you would like),

5. You can also optionally provide your email address, so that we can update you on our work!


If you would like to purchase multiply items, please either reuse the paypal button (as many times as you'd like!) or you can total all the items and list what you would like in the text box on the second page.

Alternatively if you are unable to use Paypal, please feel free to contact us next week and we can work out another way to process your order.

Thank you!!

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